LG G2 || The LG’s G2 smartphone with reviews

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The  LG G2 smartphone.Finally the Optimus branding, LG lunches their latest smart phone the LG G2.The LG G2 with larger screen 5.2 inches, it’s bigger than other available & comes with resolution 1920 x1080 px. The screen is a IPS unit with a brightness rating of 450 units. This phones have extra feature called Graphic RAM (GRAM) to reduce power consumption up to 26% when displaying a still image as claiming by the Company. Its…

LG Optimus (GT540) camera problem solution

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LG Optimus (GT540) Upgrade ProblemLG Optimus (GT540) camera problem solutionWhen you upgrade your device android version to ICS( 4.0.3), you may faces some problem with cameraBt don’t worry we got the solution for your camera problem!!!!!!!!!!!! latest beta version for ICS 4.0.3 beta 7 camera workRazz If this post is helpful..please subscribe & share it!