Nepal telecom GPRS/ Internet Setting

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NTC GPRS Configuration
Nepal telecom GPRS/ Internet Setting


General Packet Radio Service offer ‘always-on’, higher capacity, Internet-based content and packet-based data services. GPRS offers complete solutions through which you can always stay online and get connected with family, friends. 

How to Access GPRS?

Following are the pre requisites to utilize GPRS on your handset

1. GPRS compatible handset or mobile devices
2. Service activated on your mobile number
3. Respective handset / mobile GPRS settings on your handset

Basic Setting Parameters for GPRS & MMS

Proxy Server :-, Port :- 8000

For accessing internet/WAP through your mobile handset :-
GPRS APN :- ntwap
GPRS Home Page :-

For accessing internet through computer by using GPRS service in your mobile phone :-
APN :- ntnet

For sending and receiving MMS :-
MMS APN :- ntmms
MMS Home Page/Server Address :-

Note: In some case you need to restart your mobile set.

Reference: NTC official web.

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8 thoughts on “Nepal telecom GPRS/ Internet Setting”

  1. first choose setting then select mobile network
    > choose APN
    >create ntc
    >after that fill as below:
    Name: ntc
    APN: ntnet
    then save it as default, restart your phone & enjoy 🙂

  2. even when i activate the packet data the symbol of internet is not shown in my samsung galaxy y GTS5360 and the internet is not working why is it so? i have already got the setting from ntc… please help

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