Samsung unevils Galaxy J7 in Nepal

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samsung j7 2016

Popular Korean smartphone company Samsung releases its finest smartphone from J series called J-Seven 2016, which is the advancement of popular J 7 from previous year. The Galaxy J-7 2016 comes with some special features like S Bike mode and Ultra data saving modes.

The company claims that the special features “Ultra Data Saving Mode” comes with J-series are capable of saving the data up to 50%, logic behind is it automatically disable the background apps. The features is developed by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy J (Seven) 7 Price In Nepal 29990/-

samsung j7 2016
samsung j7 2016

Samsung released another unique features called S Bike Mode, available on Galaxy J series. When it is activated, the smartphone automatically inform to callers that the user is riding and cannot receive the calls, and provide option if he still want to talk to him, then needs to press 1.

This feature is specially targeted for the Bike users.

samsung j7 2016
samsung j7 2016

The galaxy series comes bundled with NFC tag, that can be put on bike. Users can instantly activate or deactivate the S Bike mode by tapping the device.

Specification of Galaxy J-7

  • Network ——- Single SIM or Dual SIM (vary with region models
  • Display Screen —–Super Amoled
  • Camera ———–13 MP main , 5 Mp front
  • Connectivity ———- Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G
  • Other Features———proximity sensor, g-sensor, e-                                                                         compass, browsers: HTML5


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