What should you look out for when buying a new gaming laptop

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What should you look out for when buying a new gaming laptop ? This is the question we ask to ourselves or other people when we get into the time of selection of a gaming laptop. It is a bit hard and confusing to elect the right one on the basis of laptop’s configuration, performance and brand. Although desktops are unbeatable for playing any sort of high-end games, we are fond of playing these games on laptops, too. While choosing a laptop, an individual’s choice, budget and gameplay are all concerned.


Before you have a crush upon any laptop available in the market, Let’s have a pick up on the ingredients to be considered for buying a gaming laptop. Who knows you may fall in love with the right one.

Draw a laptop having a guarantee more than a year. For long run 2 years guarantee, 3 years guarantee or more years of guarantee can guarantee you longer life. A good mention for this is a DELL company offering a laptops with 3 years of guarantee. It’s not a bad deal to check them out first. They are good laptop manufacturers.

Decide on which company to choose. The gaming laptop company like ASUS makes very high quality metal, heavy laptops, while company like GIGABYTE makes it thin and MSI stands on both heavy and thin manufacture. There are much more to the preference. It’s you who would like your lappy to be a slimmest and lightest of all like some RAZOR’s all-black laptop or a distinctive spaceship design complete with out-of-this world lighting like ALIENWARE laptop. LENOVO, MSI, ORIGINPC also falls under the buyer’s list. These laptop costs you from around $1,000 to over $3,000.



Laptop Screens

You enjoy gaming in big high resolution screens. Gaming on 3k and 4k laptops are very popular nowadays. Laptops that only offer 720p resolution is not good for gaming. Kick out them from the list.

When it comes to gaming laptop,  basically 17” or 18” laptops are more powerful, but the least portable as they are most likely be not only heavier, but thicker as well. You may prefer 13-, 14- and 15-inches over them, they are lugged easily but may lack higher-end components. Try avoiding laptop built in a low-resolution display, I mean less than 1920 x 1080. Do not purchase touch screens. Yeah,  they look cool but they’re battery drainers and big-ticket of all.

Graphics Cards(GPU)

Nvidia Graphics Card for Gaming Laptop

AMD and NVIDIA strikes right out of our mind when we think of spending our penny on GPU. You will have no clue on any of these as they offer wide range of different cards and the confusing names. Instead be sure to choose the new GPUs that are much faster, more powerful and are VR-ready. Compare them with one another as much as possible. And take the best out of it.

I recommend you to go for AMD Radeon HD graphics or NVIDIA Geforce GTX gpus so that you delight in better features like, battery boost, 3d surround on some models, and streaming.

Processor (CPU)


Intel Processor

Preferring an i7 Processor is a good idea for gaming. Choose the one that’s from the intel, for instance the one having Intel core i7 quad core processor or i5 processor. A 3.4-GHz Core i5 processor will be noticeably faster than the same chip with 2.6 GHz. Processors like AMD may result to the problems like heating. Choose wisely because it is one of the most essential element for good gameplay.

Besides graphics, CPU oversees performance of all of your non-gaming applications, including your internet browser, OS and productivity apps. Try to find the latest laptops with 6th-Gen Core.



While polishing a laptop, make it shine brighter with 8Gigs or more memory of RAM, you’ll be far from the troubles. Likewise, If you’re interested in video editing or other graphics related stuffs, don’t hesitate to upgrade your machine to 12GB or 16GB and you shouldn’t have any problems with the majority of today’s games.

Companies can get you charged for the RAM config or other in the system, it’s lot more easier to do it yourself later.

Hard Drive

Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD
Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD

Who don’t like to play more and more games if you’ve got a fully loaded gaming machine. To make this dream come true, you need to have a huge hard drive space. Games nowadays require around 5GB to 10GB of storage memory for complete installment. 1TB Hard Drive with a 7,200-rpm speed or more is good for moving on.

Similarly, the boot time of the OS and Games is a concern when you use a faster hard drive like SSD. SSD are expensive to HDD.

Battery Life

Laptop's Battery
Laptop’s Battery

Don’t run out of battery or soon you’ll run out of the game. Die Hard and Hardcore Gamers need more battery power for hours of long lasting gaming experience.

Laptops with high-tech and hardware consumes a lot of power causing the battery to drain quick and less efficient.  So, grab a one that longs for more than 4 hours.


You may also try out more options to take a best out of it. Judge out the laptop’s audio and sound to ensure some extra oomph, especially that comes with subwoofers. Good keyboard and trackpad is a plus point.

When you buy a gaming laptop, be patience and pick the right one that suits you. However one in not good or bad from the other from different perspective. Hope this guide helps you. Happy Gaming. 🙂


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