Windows 10 special features and upgrade

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windows 10 features
Approx  we all know about the Microsoft products, and most known is Windows. As computer user we cannot be untouched from such news from Windows and windows 10.
The topic is Microsoft is launching its Windows 10.
The newer and efficient version of Windows as from officials.
Here we are going to discuss the features of windows 10 and some bad news about it.
Note: Link is Microsoft official site.


Windows 10 Special Features

– Windows 10 is easy and efficient operating tool, as it refined from the different stages of windows.
– Now only few days left to official lunch of  the Windows 10.
– According to windows insider  “This combines the strengths of Windows    8 with Windows 7”.
– Another feature of Windows 10 is that, again user can experience a start    button, while in windows 8 and 8.1 it was absent.
– According to the officials, after windows 10, users cannot stop the auto-   update features this implemented to prevent computer from risk and to     keep the system up-to-date alwaysJ.

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