WordPress Installation on your computer

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In this post we will gone through step by step process to install Word Press site locally on your computer.

On the occasion of this new year new seasons, I writing a quite different solution, previous were mobile phone related.

In this articles we will going through step by step process for installing WordPress 4.7.1.

Thank you for reading our previous blogs.

As we know WordPress is a powerful, user-friendly publishing platform. WP have great features, all you need to start as beginner Web-Developer. WP is open source and proud to offer you a free distributed, standard, fast Content Management System(CMS).

5 Things you should have or need download to run WordPress:

1. A local server (WAMP) is best for Windows.

2. A standard text editor ( Here we discuss Sublime Text)

3. Finally a fresh WordPress.

If you already familiar with above tools then cool, we will install WP easily.

If not then also no need to worry, we just download tools mention above.

Download WAMP server for Windows.

WampServer la plate forme de développement Web sous Windows Apache MySQL PHP

Download Sublime Text from Here.

Sublime Text Download

Download Word-Press framework.

Download WordPress

After completion of download / installation, just go through the C: Drive of your PC, then find Wamp folder, inside that folder there will be a folder name “www”, just open folder and copy/paste the WordPress.zip file you just downloaded then extract wordpress.zip folder, you can see a new wordpress folder.

Once you extracted, a folder name WordPress as shown in image.

wp_extractTask: Database Creation

For the creation of database, you need to Start/Run your local server WAMP ,we installed before.

Now its time to create a database for your word-press site, just login to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ on your browser.

The default username is “root” leave it as it is then in password leave blank and press enter.

localhost localhost phpMyAdmin 4.5.2

Create a new database name wordpress from new option, as shown in figure.

localhost localhost phpMyAdmin 4.5.2(1)

Now all task complete, you downloaded the Tools as per need and creation of database too.

Now we can access our wordpress site locally from we placed inside WAMP/WWW  folder.

For the first time WordPress needs to be install.

Task : WordPress Installation

Install WordPress locally by logging to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin this sets some info for WordPress, just fill the form, then press on the go.

You can access your site using http://localhost/wordpress/

& access your Admin Panel using http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin


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